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Reproductions of Old Time QSLs from years gone by

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Style OT1

Busy Op


Walter Ashe Radio from the 1950's sold hundreds of thousands of these. This is our version of this old timer.

Style OT2

Logbook Page QSL


The torn Logbook page QSL came to us out of the 60's.  The FCC required we keep a  log , it was not an option.

Style OT3

20's Style QSL


Basic QSL from the 30's. QSLs were in the infancy and even a simple design was praised as "fancy".

Style OT4

Old Timer QSL Style OT4


We have updated all our Old Timer series to include modern reporting and modes.

Style OT5

Old Timer Style OT5


Fancy borders were common place on QSLs in the 30's & 40's. A 3-500 is the center piece of this old style QSL.

Style OT6

Old Timer CW Style OT6


Borders were often uneven in the older QSLs. Here is one for the CW Ops. Simple report form. Uncluttered.

Style OT7

Two Color Old Timer 50's


Fancy old timer. Colors of the old cards were limited. This card would date 1950. Globe and lightning bolts.

Style OT8

A Early 50's WRL remake


World Radio Labs sold thousands of these. I am sure any vintage ham has several in his collection.

Style OT9

Old Timer QSL Card Style OT9


40's "Wireless Radio Station" A nice clean design with old style report form.

Style OT10

Old Timer Letter Press QSL Style OT10


Simulating an old Letter
Press printed QSL, Original QSLs were made with one.

Style OT11

Two Color Old Timer 50's


Wireless Station QSL. In the 30's time frame. Your choice of callsign color.

Style OT12

Mic & Flag on Old Time QSL


Red text looks good on this old boy the border on the report form adds a touch.